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Dr Nirdosh (Linkedin.com) advocates a variety of multi-supplements, which she offers to the patients and individuals who go to see her in her premises. The doctor makes supplements available to patients and clients who are not completely ready for (and who are wary of) undergoing surgical treatments. Each person has individual needs, whether associated with excess weight complications or how their skin ages. She suggests appropriate supplements as required. In some cases, surgery is the only way to cure cellular membrane-related ailments. Having said that, Dr Nirdosh's anti-aging supplements can often go hand-in-hand with such a procedure.

Treatments for Hair

Anti-dandruff hair treatment is supplemented with the use of Dr Nirdosh's specialized shampoos and conditioners. For those with thinning hair, Dr Nirdosh provides unique shampoos and conditioners. Several modalities are made available at her practices. Hair treatment is not the core speciality.

Dr Nirdosh's Books

Women being affected by cosmetics disadvantages quickly discover that health-care and beauty concerns can be dealt with when checking out Dr Nirdosh's books. With the intention of encouraging her readers to realise the impact of aging skin, she has outlined the issues in her publication, “The Celebrity Secret To Youth”. Making aging women a great deal more familiar with the causes of their skin quality decline is only one of the goals that Dr Nirdosh has accomplished with her publications.

Pioneer and Developer of Anti-Aging Treatment

No matter what age someone is, Dr Nirdosh is equipped to make their skin look considerably younger. Dr Nirdosh trailblazed the area of anti-aging. She has been criticised for her past work. However, these days, her work is greatly appraised and implemented by just about everyone in society.