Photo Monika Bacardi — AMBI

Monika Bacardi — AMBI

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The SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

Environmental-durability is one of the numerous humanitarian concerns in which Monika Bacardi (ambidistribution) is involved. Lady Bacardi is a great believer in the encouragement of enviroment-friendly thinking and this is one of the main reasons she supports the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation. Monaco's cultural and humanitarian issues are things that Monika Bacardi is very much involved in. She is an active supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.

Biography, Activities, Personal History, Passions

Monika Bacardi married into the Bacardi family and she is now the Lady of Bayfield Hall. Her interests are art and philanthropy, that led to her studying literature and arts in Italy, the country in which she was born. Monika Bacardi's involvement in the arts world was enhanced after she became co-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014.

Monika's Personal Life

Assisting the causes and charitable organisations which are to her liking fills much of Monika Bacardi's spare time. Lady Bacardi and Lord Luis Bacardi (the Lord of Bayfield Hall - a relative of the originator of the Bacardi Company) raised a girl together after they married. Monika Bacardi likes to voice her profound sensitivity to environmental and social issues in many areas of her life.

Monika's Involvement in Charity

The Principality’s cultural and charity activities are things in which Monika Bacardi is constantly involved. Lady Bacardi strongly believes in Mission Enfance, a charitable entity which provides learning support to underprivileged children. Lady Bacardi has always had consideration for her fellow humans, which propels her beneficent activities. Monika Bacardi is highly supportive of a few of the varied cancer-related charities, including Fondation AVEC, Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research and Ecoute Cancer Réconfort.